Hi, I'm Daniel, a Software Engineer from Moldova.

I'm Daniel Turcanu, a backend developer specializing in NestJS, TypeScript, and various other technologies like Strapi, SendGrid, Prisma, Typeorm, Firebase, Social Media, WebSocket, Socket.io, and REST APIs. With expertise in building scalable applications, I have experience in creating complex web apps, managing databases, and integrating with third-party platforms. If you're looking for a dedicated web developer with strong problem-solving skills and a passion for innovative solutions, let's connect

Moving to the USA!!!

Exciting News! I'm thrilled to share that my husband and I won the Green Card Lottery in 2022, opening up an incredible opportunity for us to relocate to the United States. Come September 2023, we'll be embarking on a new chapter in Chicago, Illinois. As I prepare for this exciting transition, I'm actively seeking new job opportunities in the area. If you find my profile intriguing, I'm eager to discuss potential roles where I can bring my expertise and passion to contribute to your company's success.